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RIG - 2

Rig-2 was conceived, designed and built specifically for the mini-helikite mini-helikite which allows a maximum load of 250 gr.
The objective was to obtain a full-featured remote controlled rig (pan, tilt, shutter, screen) under 250 grams in weight.

List of components Rig-2
10 megapixel digital camera (lightned) Premium DCA 366 - 10megapix
Sevo PAN (continuous rotation) Hitec HS-55
gr. 9
Sevo TILT Hitec HS-55
gr. 9
focus, shutter and zoom interface J-Tronik - Switch Doppio Opto
gr. 5
4 channel 40 MHz radio receiver Jeti PPM (FM)
gr. 7
2.4 GHz 10mW video transmitter Range video
gr. 2
LiPo Battery 7,4 volt 450 mAh Estreme 20C
gr. 30
Switching regulator (camera 3,3 volts) Dimention Enginering SR 3.3
gr. 4
Switching regulator (reciv/trasmit. 5,0 volts) Dimention Enginering SR 5.0
gr. 4
Aluminium supporting structure .
gr. 17
Wiring, Pan gears, bolts, clips, etc.c... .
gr. 23
gr. 205

As seen in the table the final weight is 205 grams.
15 grams of the Picavet suspension or pendolum need to be added.
However, we should take into account an additional weight saving of 43 grams for the helikite (replacing the modular carbon slats with one single lighter piece). In addition, we can lighten it by a further 50 gr by replacing the original support with a Picavet system

In conclusion:
  • 205 (rig2) + 15 (picavet) = 220 grams
  • We subtract 43 + 50 = 93 grams of weight saved on the helikite
  • We get 220-93 = 127 grams load, compared to the theoretical load of 250 g indicated by the manufacturer


Some interesting facts about the construction technique of the Rig-2

Streamlining the digital camera's weight
UA significant contribution to reducing the final weight of the rig was given by the lightening of the digital camera.

As you can see from the image many of the components on the camera are useless and can be eliminated without compromising or limiting its operation.
PREMIER DCA 366 Digital Camera 10 mega pixel
Complete with memory card without batteries
Stylus Pack 2
After the elimination of unnecessary components gr. 95
Deleted items for a total grams. 62 + gr.49 (AA) = gr. 111 saved
Focus and shutter control
For the Rig-1 a J-Tronik - Double Switch Optos interface was used.
As written in manual
"Double Switch is a special version of the 'RC Switches' family, specially designed for testing digital cameras which offer two positions (focus and shooting) on the shutter button. The two outputs are controlled by the same RC channel and are programmed separately, selecting two different points of intervention of the same control "
Connecting the switch to the camera
Occorre intercettare i contati elettrici del pulsante a doppia corsa (messa a fuoco + scatto). Di solito il pulsante Ŕ montato su uno stampato che contiene anche la ghiera di selezione delle modalitÓ di ripresa. Lo stampato deve essere smontato per accedere ai contatti che si trovano sulla faccia nascosta.
A questo punto Ŕ possibile effettuare la saldatura. Nel rimontare lo stampato Ŕ stato tagliato il telaio in plastica per far posto ai nuovi contatti. Da notare che il pulsante di scatto continua a funzionare regolarmente in parallelo allo switch.