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RIG - 1

Rig-1 was developed starting with the combination of a "Canon A640" camera and "Urbi-zoom" interface. These two components in fact ensure good quality images and zoom control. All other components of the rig were identified in relation to this equipment.

List of components Rig-1
10 megapixel digital camera Canon Powershot A640
Sevo PAN (continuous rotation) Hitec HS-81
gr. 17
Sevo TILT Hitec HS-81
gr. 17
focus, shutter and zoom interface URBI with zoom
gr. 32
4 channel 40 MHz radio receiver Hitec RX HFS
gr. 20
2.4 GHz 10mW video transmitter 9V Marcucci
gr. 16
LiPo Battery 7.4 volt 900 mAh J-Tronik
gr. 54
Switching regulator (Camera 5.6 volts) Dimention Enginering Adjustable Voltage Regulator
gr. 7
Voltage regulator (receiver 5.0 volts) autocostruito
gr. 8
Switching regulator (Transmitter 9.0 volts) Dimention Enginering AnyVolt Voltage Converter
gr. 5
Aluminium supporting structure .
gr. 80
Wiring, Pan gears, bolts, clips, etc. .
gr. 90
gr. 591

The final weight is under 600 grams. and could be further reduced by optimizing the structure and wiring but the weight is conditioned by the 250 gram camera which requires materials and components, adequate in terms of strength, power and reliability.